Sara Bastai

project name



SOUND OF SILENCE offers meditation and sensory experiences, carried out by sensory stimuli and conducted through a yoga practice, using the body as a perfect tool, to guide us through the five senses. Through art and creativity, SOUND OF SILENCE seeks to gather people sporadically and itinerantly, to give life to “spaces of silence”.
Up to date with modern society and culture trends, made necessary in the visual identity for SOUND OF SILENCE, to find a modern distinctive approach.
In order to do so, the main concept, was to obtain a balance between two opposite concepts given by the name, “sound” and “silence”. As well, to represent cycles of life and nature, manifesting the spiritual and sensorial conduct of the brand.
Combination of elegant but modern target, brought to this identity an unexpected statement that distinguishes and makes SOUND OF SILENCE recognisable.


As a sporadically and itinerantly yoga practice brand, that seeks a distinguish experiences and events, we wanted to create a dynamic system, that enables to create contrasting aesthetics, from modern to classic. The logo, is a foundation of a constant dynamic change of symbols, that can be up to date, with modern society mutations.