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Soft Shoulder

Soft Shoulder


“Soft Shoulder is the collaboration between the visual artists Inés Maestre and Sara Bastai, an evolving series that revolves around the pieces of the fashion brand and collective Mainline:RUS/Fr.CA/DE.
The artists wanted to reflect the idea of movement and transit, underlining when we abstract our attention from the final destination, we are left with the moment of the journey.
Using tools that generate a confusion between photography and digital painting, Inés and Sara immerse the spectator in a journey inside a car in which paths cross and seasons change. Representing a second in suspension that separates humans and nature on a route that was never written.”

Creative Direction Sara Bastai, Inés Maestre
Photography Sara Bastai
Digital Painting Inés Maestre
Models Carla Corminboeuf, Valentina Parati, Lester d‘allemagne, Laetitia Lukala
Bags and Garments Mainline:RUS/Fr.CA/DE_I
Online feauture at Studio Magazine

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Soft Shoulder-3
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