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Busy and Tired

Busy and Tired


Busy and Tired is a series reflecting on connections. The elasticity, the resistance and the proximity of them. How close, how far, how fragile, how strong, how heavy, how light. What is the physical and emotional space we create between ourselves? Like magnets attracting the two of us but only bullets going through.

The project is a series of 4 CGI images in which I portray the connection between myself and others by capturing different poses with 3D scan tools. These interactions and relations are now archived and performed within a digital realm – A new interstitial space between myself and others, linking humanity and technology, digital and reality.

The series comes to life as a form of installation that plays with the contrast of these connections. The lightness and softness of the fabrics with random cut out circles and the elasticity of the thread lets them flow within a space.

This project was part of the group show “In Glancing Moments” at Urgent Paradise from 25th February to 20th March 2022.
With: Gaïa Lamarre, Cynthia Mai Ammann and Ricardo Caldas.
Curation: Myriam Ziehli and Ascanio Cecco

Photogrammetry: Robin Bervini
Model: Luca Frati

Busy and Tired-1
Busy and Tired-3
Busy and Tired-4
Busy and Tired-5
Busy and Tired-6
Busy and Tired-7
Busy and Tired-8
Busy and Tired-9
Busy and Tired-10