Multidisciplinary artist directing visual narratives

O Peso da Borboleta

O Peso da Borboleta


O peso da Borboleta is a series of performative self-portraits.
Embracing internal conflicts while learning how to fall, the project became a documentation of metamorphosis. How to contest my values and enforce a carefree attitude? From stable to unstable, from solid to liquid, constraints and pressures are turned into a visual exploration of the self.

The installation and materialisation is set up around the space to mirror the domestic environment where the images were produced. The several pieces act out as rooms within the apartment and represent different states or actions, during which the personal journey took place.

O Peso da Borboleta-1
O Peso da Borboleta-3
O Peso da Borboleta-4
O Peso da Borboleta-5
O Peso da Borboleta-6
O Peso da Borboleta-7
O Peso da Borboleta-8
O Peso da Borboleta-9
O Peso da Borboleta-10
O Peso da Borboleta-11
O Peso da Borboleta-12
O Peso da Borboleta-13
O Peso da Borboleta-14
O Peso da Borboleta-15
O Peso da Borboleta-16
O Peso da Borboleta-17