Multidisciplinary artist directing visual narratives

As We Melt

As We Melt


As We Melt alludes to a crisis in values, beliefs and social norms, the digital scan is only a symptom of, in an attempt to question the role of myths and spirituality in times predominated by techno-economic transformations. The solitude of the model is only compensated by its duplication. Presented as a series of 6 images within an installation piece. The images are composed of 3D scans of a human body – becoming archaeology of the present but a projection of the future. I present these bodies as individual yet collective surrealistic sculptures.

Model: Clara
Styling: Yann Steiner
Makeup: Lisa Michalik
Hair: Hikage Yumiko
Installation pictures: Ecal / Jimmy Rachez

As We Melt-1
As We Melt-3
As We Melt-4
As We Melt-5
As We Melt-6
As We Melt-7
As We Melt-8
As We Melt-9